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Phishing Campaigns

Anyone can become a victim of identity theft. Many people would assume that elderly people are more at risk, but it’s been shown that tech-savvy people are 18 times more likely to fall prey to phishing scams.

Besides the technical aspect of filtering or blocking phishing emails, users and potential victimes have to be trained to recognize phishing mails

Using our proven phishing toolset, we can deliver the following services to our customers:

  • Sending phishing emails like false ‘linkedin invites”, netflex messages, facebook notifications, or corporate messages, to your internal staff
  • Every mail will be traced to check who has opened it, used the embedded links or attachments, or even provided their credentials on a fake website.
  • e-training or awareness will be automatically show to the victims.

At the end of each campaign a report will be delivered with its results of the effectiveness of the campaign, and the progress your employees have been made.